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Letter To Our Christian Sisters
Please be wise, build yourself up in the Word of God and don't be ignorance of the devil devices. Don't be too desperate to go into any marital relationship if you are not standing well in God or you are not sure of God's backing.
Only because you fell in love with him and you discovered you've never felt like that before, you gave in to him forgetting that his position in Christ determines your position in his life. If he's not making God the first, then he's making you the last.
You gave him your body in the name of "sacrifice for love" on the altar of sin, that is total madness.

After sometimes, he came to tell you "sister, God said we should end this relationship because God is not happy with us" Wow! Reality fell on you. Sorry my sister, your time have expired and he's going for someone better than you.
I don't blame him for sudden repentance, but you should be blamed, a daughter of Zion in the palace of Pharaoh.
Is not too late, pick up the pieces and burn your past, be broken and repent, return back to God.
Know this for sure " you will never obtain God's kind of marriage simply by going along with the crowd, doing what everybody else does"
Find out His will and His principles so as not to be bitten by the serpent of this world.

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