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Dear Singles

Dear Singles

You don't need anybody to complete you. Nobody is your better half and you're nobody's better half. You're already complete.

Bro, no sister is carrying one of your ribs. Your ribs are complete. The last time I checked, it was only Adam that his rib was missing. How come yours are missing? I think you need medical attention.

Moreover, God doesn't create anyone with a missing rib not even Adam! So, stop looking for your missing rib because nothing is missing.

Sis, stop that thinking now. You're not carrying any bro's rib. That's overload o. It was only Eve that carried bro Adam's rib no one else. You're complete and full.

See, in God's mathematics it is not ½+½ =1 but 1+1=1. You see, you are full and complete. The Bible says that we're complete in Christ.

Bro and sis, take note.

#YouAreFull #YouAreCompleteInChrist
© Okolie Samuel

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