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White Supremacist Skin Founder Repents

The Mercy of God upon every living soul is wonderful.This is a story of a White Supremacist Skin Head Founder who was saved by Jesus Christ. 

God totally changed his heart that was filled with hatred. Bryon Winder is now being used for God's glory. He had to endure days of painful laser treatment to remove the hate tattoos on his face.

 This story is a testament that no matter how far down a path of destruction you may find yourself, or you think it's impossible for something wonderful to happen in your life. It's time you reject those negative proclamation and know it deep down in your heart that you can always be a new creation by God.

The pain of removing a tattoo is worse than the pain of  getting it. 
Bryon didn't care about the severe pain he was going to experience, because he knew the pain was nothing compared to the pain of living with hatred. This is the joy of Salvation. 
Couple of days ago, Kanye West  declared he was born again.. God knows best

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