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5 Ways a single lady can maintain her sexual purity

What are the ways a single lady should walk to achieve fullness of life and joy in the midst of sexual frustration in this forth coming year to avoid stories that touches the heart? Here are a few of the ways that can help her:

1. Memorize and meditate on the word of God: God's Word will strengthen, sustain and encourage you. When you are not constantly dwelling in the truth, you will easily fall for deceit. I think you all want to know the truth. If sex is the highest good in life, the greatest pleasure you can experience, there is a big trouble. Yes, sex is amazing! In the boundary of marriage but it can't be compared to the infinite pleasures you have in God.

2. Don't compare yourself with others: Don't keep looking at what your married friends have. Don't use their lifestyles as a yardstick to measure yours. Their challenges and sufferings are quite different from yours. God knows how to perfect everything about you in his own time. Don't be desperate to be in a relationship or to get married so you won't be a prey to sexual immorality. 

3. Re-evaluate your movie-watching, music-listening, clothes-wearing habits: Check your habits to know if you are feeding or starving the lust of your flesh. Avoid conducts that doesn't glorify God in your life.

4. Set boundaries with men: Hanging out alone with a man in closed places will not help you ; it usually stirs up desires unnecessarily which might lead to the wrong thing eventually. Whatever discussion you want to have with him should be in an open place where the both of you will not be tempted.

5. Have a thankful heart: Thank God for everything you can think of both big and small. This is a strong and powerful tool against sexual immorality.

There is so much at stake in our battle for purity. And if you have blown it, join the club. Some of us has fallen short of God's purity in one way or another, and we all are in need of his grace.

Keep returning to the Lover of your soul. Keep fighting and trusting by the power of the Spirit that is at work within you. 

Remain Bless 
#Obi Mary Ifeoma
#The Bride of Christ 

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